lap, 2002
still image from continuous loop video
dimensions variable

In Lap, two women, one blonde, one brunette, take part in sacrificing comfortability for the sake of the other. The absurd act turns into a mechanical game of posing for the camera.

The minimalist set is an ambiguous environment that consists of a single white armchair. Since there is only one chair available, the women take turns sitting on the other’s lap. After each pose, the women stand to exchange positions and continue the action. The fast speed causes the poses to look like photographic snap shots. Appearing choreographed, the women’s actions are actually improvisations.

Lap, is a game of "your turn, my turn". The repeated action of the loop forms a seemingly endless circular ritual. It is a petty game where each woman has her turn at stealing the limelight from the other. The favor immediately returned, diminishes the conceit and competitiveness of the action.

The personalities of the women are revealed by their different mannerisms. The women have no hesitation playing the game. Their comfortability with one another makes the action seem oddly natural.

all images © Diana Shpungin & Nicole Engelmann 2000-2007